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Employers are responsible for providing their employees with a safe and healthy workplace. That responsibility sometimes extends to persons who are not employees. Workplace safety law is governed by both federal and state regulations, as well as the common law as interpreted by the courts. An employer who is found to be not in compliance with the law may be subject to significant civil penalties. Although workers compensation laws protect employers from personal liability to their employers, that protection does not extend to other persons who may be injured in the workplace. If you are an employer, the Gillett Law Firm can help you with:

  • Workplace health and safety
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Industrial insurance
  • Employment insurance

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Seattle, Washington Workplace Law Attorney

Founded in 1980, Michael Gillett at The Gillett Law Firm has served as an advocate for clients in seeking justice concerning workplace law. Located in the Seattle, Washington area, he continues to demonstrate his ability to get his clients the fair treatment and compensation they deserve. Michael believes in giving his all on behalf of those who have suffered unfair treatment at work. If you believe you have a case, schedule time to speak with Michael today.