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Property rights is an area of law that oversees different types of ownership and possession concerning real and personal property. This type of property is often confused with personal possessions. In short, personal property is about what you own that cannot be moved, whereas personal possessions can be moved. Personable property (or immovable property) relates to real estate as well as the rights and duties affiliated with that real estate. Stolen land, for example, is considered to be a personal property case. A stolen purse, on the other hand, is considered to be a personal possession case.

Do you need a property rights attorney?

Some situations that would involve a property rights attorney include:

  • Being threatened with eminent domain or condemnation
  • Easement
  • Environmental cases
  • Boundary disputes

At The Gillett Law Firm, I’m ready to be your aid in contesting these frustrating situations. If necessary, I can secure a payment that’s fair and full as compensation for the hardship surrounding your property rights case. Located in Seattle, I proudly serve the entire state of Washington and typically represent small businesses and individual homeowners. Well-versed in property rights on both a state and federal level, I have more than 30 years of experience, and I’m confident in my ability to come through with a positive conclusion.

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Seattle, Washington Property Rights Attorney

For more than 30 years, Michael Gillett at The Gillett Law Firm has provided property rights services to clients in the Seattle, Washington area. Time and again, Michael delivers favorable outcomes when up against various government agencies. He works hard to fight for people who have had their personal property rights violated and believes in helping you take back what’s yours.